E  L  I  Z  A  B  E  T  H     L  A  U  D  E  R    F  I  N  E    A  R  T



Elizabeth invites you to enjoy the music of her friend, Grammy nominated guitarist Ralf Illenberger

as you enjoy viewing her art.

Used by exclusive permission of the artist

Praise for Elizabeth:

"One of the most difficult things to achieve in a painting is the quality of atmosphere, a sense that the air itself is tangible. Elizabeth Lauder's art captures that quality. You can almost sense the searing heat in the hot desert sun in her watercolors. Lauder conveys through art her personal response to the beauty and majesty she sees, man's great pioneering spirit and determination." - Susan Robinson, Taylor and Francis Group, Informa UK

City Golds, from Kit's Point, 15x22 Van

City Gold's from Kits Point, Vancouver, B.C.

                                        'Spring Dancers' - watercolor - 23 W. - Vancouver

                                        'San Diego Yacht Club' - watercolor  - San Diego


"Cherry Blossom Time" Chihuahua, Mexico

             'Diamonds and Rust' - watercolor - Snyder Ranch - Valley Springs, Ca.

                           'Spring Waterfall' - watercolor - Yosemite

                                   'Candy Floss and Caramel' - watercolor - Aldama  

                                           'Island Gold' - watercolor - Denman Island, B.C.

                  Goldfield, Colorado

Veneer Shaft - Leadville, Colorado

        Condessa Mine - Santa Eulalia, Mexico

            Oro Viejo - Aldama, Chi. Mexico

West 5th at Waterloo, Kitsilano - Vancouver, BC

Early Morning - La Fortuna, Aldama, Mexico

Magical Reverie - Sedona, Az

Orange Sherbert - Aldama, Chi. Mexico

Wat Arun - Thailand

Cinco Amigos - Aldama, Chi. Mexico

Rhapsody in Blue - Spanish Banks, Vancouver, B.C.

Sunshine Alchemy - Carlsbad flower fields, Ca

79 Perfect Degrees - Calaveras County, CA

San Geronimo Iglasia - Magdalena, Jalisco, Mexico

                                             'Eagle Falls' - watercolor - Lake Tahoe

Presidio - USD - California

'Autumn Celebration' - Ogden & Maple - Vancouver

 Balboa Park - San Diego - California

'Centering' - watercolor

'Demeter's Garden' - Point Grey - Vancouver

'Descanso' - Aldama - Chi. - Mexico

'Golden Era' - Santa Eulalia - Chi. - Mexico

'Lilac Day' - Cornwall St. - Vancouver

'View from the Top' - Blackcomb - Whistler Mt. - B.C.

'Stranger in a Strange Land' - Aldama - Mexico

'Long Beach' - Vancouver Island, B.C.

'San Carlos Iglacia' - Aldama - Chi. - Mexico

'After the Rains' - W.6th at Trafalgar - Vancouver