E  L  I  Z  A  B  E  T  H     L  A  U  D  E  R    F  I  N  E    A  R  T



Elizabeth invites you to enjoy the music of her friend, Grammy nominated guitarist Ralf Illenberger while you enjoy viewing her art

Used by exclusive permission of the Artist








      " Venus"  - Oil on Strawberry Onyx

'Lady Godiva' - oil on Tiger Iron                  

 'Parasol Girl'- oil on Strawberry Onyx - 3' x 4'                                                                   

                                                                                'Snowy Owl' - oil on Honey Onyx

  'Free Spirit after Remington' - oil on  Santa Rosa Marble                                                                             

"Self-Portrait"   -  oil on Italian Marble

            'Harmonic Chords' oil on Brazilian Jasper                                                                  

"Lion's Pride"   -    oil on Santa Rosa Marble

"Summer Breeze"  -  oil on Strawberry Onyx - 4' x 5'

"Tiger Tiger Burning Bright"  -  oil on Peridot

"E=MC What?"  -  oil on Brazilian Agate

"Where River's used to Run"  -  oil on Sandstone

"Monkey Shines"  -  oil on Brazilian Agate

"The Lion King"  -  oil on Brazilian Agate

"After Midnight"  -  oil on Petrified Wood

"A Foxy Tale"  -  oil on Agate

      'Mountain Lion' - oil on Marble  - 4.5 ' x 4.5'                                                                                                            

Magnolia Skies -  7" x 12" - oil on Leopard Skin Jasper

"The Creation after Michelangelo"  -  oil on Strawberry Onyx