E  L  I  Z  A  B  E  T  H     L  A  U  D  E  R    F  I  N  E    A  R  T


E l i z a b e t h   L a u d e r

         Renaissance Girl  -  oil on Imperial Jade







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  Elizabeth Cameron Lauder is a renowned Canadian painter and relative of film director, James Cameron, whose stunning works of oil on semi-precious stone and prized watercolors have earned the artist global acclaim. Elizabeth's work has been exhibited around the world and sold through Sotheby's Fine Art Auctions and Sotheby's Private Contemporary Artist's Sales in New York and London, as well as being the recipient of multiple international awards and honors, including 1st Place at the 2005 Tokyo T.I.M.A. show. Her work has been collected by patrons in over eighty countries around the world. Elizabeth's watercolors are currently under consideration for permanent exhibition in the prestigious National Gallery of Canada; a lifetime achievement for a living artist.

  Born April 8, 1948, in Ontario, Elizabeth's first 18 years were spent growing up on a farm in the Caledon Hills where she was inspired by landscapes not only pastoral and gentle in contour but complemented by abrupt and beautiful dramatic seasonal changes.


  Her formal education was completed in 1971 with an Associate's degree in sculpture from the prestigious Ontario College of Art and Design. The following year Elizabeth moved to the west coast, trading chisels and bronze for brushes and palette, capturing the new beauty that surrounded her. Finding scenes to paint presented little difficulty as inspiration was everywhere she turned. Plein Air painting gave her watercolors a distinctive feeling of life and authenticity.


 Already famous for her watercolors of Vancouver's spectacular cherry blossoms, Elizabeth expanded her horizons. She spent the next 7 years traveling throughout Mexico while on her way to becoming the world's premier painter of Southwest mining scenes; In fact, an invaluable historical archiving through her watercolors of some of the most famous mineral, agate, and silver mines in the world. Inspired by her travels Elizabeth began painting on massive slabs of semi-precious stone, incorporating the play of light through beautiful patterns in the natural rock. Sometimes the stone called for a majestic wild animal, others suggested a flamboyant Spanish dancer or Arctic ice painting. Mythology and allegory are just a few of Elizabeth's favorite themes used to create her exquisite works that grace the world of art with pure visionary magic.

Note from Elizabeth:

 "I am often asked what inspires me. It's quite simple, really. My life, my friends, and my love of world travel. My friends will be the first to tell you the only time I tend to sit still is when I am painting. So, regarding my work, watercolors are a medium that illustrate the beauty of the natural world around me as I pass through that moment in time. It can only be captured then and will never be the same. I find it wondrous and exhilarating living in the now. Concerning my oil on stone rock paintings each particular raw piece speaks to me differently. Marble, jasper, strawberry onyx, agate, jade, selenite, peridot, leopard skin jasper... all possess their own magical qualities. Selenite, for example, is very translucent while marble and jade tend to be very dense. Sometimes I am able to visualize what I want to paint immediately. Other times my stone selections are based upon pure intuition. Something caught my eye but I can't quite put my finger on it. The painting struggles to reveal itself...a challenging mystery yet to unfold, not unlike a new adventure to a place I have never been before. I can stare at a piece for months...and nothing! My frustration mounts until I swear 'that's it...I will never do this again' and stomp out of my studio...well, I try and put it completely out of my mind. (laughs) Then one day I happen to walk by, unable to withhold a quick glance of disdain and suddenly it's there, staring me in the face. I can't capture it fast enough! Patience becomes its own reward, along with knowing I have helped make the world a better place.

I have received but declined numerous inquiries over the years requesting that I publish limited editions of my work. This is out of respect to the owners of my collections to ensure their value.

Elizabeth Lauder


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Elizabeth painting mermaid (2).jpg

                                                                   "Pink Ladies" - MacKenzie Heights, Vancouver, B.C.

             "Polar Kiss"      oil on Selenite

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